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Don't fuggedaboutit: writeaboutit

I was originally planning on just sitting on my couch watching Gilmore Girls and getting up at a decent hour to work from home.

On my way home for the day, I was really craving dessert and a drink, so I went to one of my favorite neighborhood haunts and got a panna cotta and a Tom Collins and chatted with the bartender.

There was a group of three women at the end of the bar playing CAH. As I was buttoning up my coat to leave, one of them asked where I got my coat, and I'm like "uhhh...teh internets?" I then got to chatting with them about my shopping techniques.


It turned out one of them works in my profession and is interested in graduate programs. She works somewhere where I'd love to work once my postdoc is over. It's really awesome how my dessert craving lead to a professional contact.

The four of us then gathered at their apartment to smoke a j and sip some wine. I invited my neighbor over and we all had a great time.

I still have a headache from last night and haven't accomplished anything besides eating a bagel egg 'n cheese, but it was totes worth it.

Did anyone else have any blizzardy fun? Any good snow pictures?

When I was walking around the LES yesterday, the snowflakes looked like little paper cutouts. I'd never seen anything like it. Here's a picture of my scarf with some of these snowflakes on them.


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